31 August 2014

LDN:Skins Self Tan Mousse

There's a new fake tan on the block, and trust me it's going to be a big deal. Over the last few weeks I've been testing LDN:Skins self tan mousse in tone 3 (medium/dark) and it has to be the most natural looking tan I've tried. If you are a regular reader, you will know how much I love dark fake tan and I jumped straight into reviewing the medium/dark shade. If you are a fake tan newbie, I would recommend going for either the gradual tan or the medium. 

LDN:Skins is a professional range, which aims to provide natural looking tan regardless of your complexion. All their products are packed with organic ingredients which is always a bonus. Unlike many other tanning brands, LDN:Skins products come with a mitt which will always come in handy. Even though the mousse is medium/dark, the guide colour leans more towards medium than dark. As I normally leave my fake tan on overnight to develop, I found that the tan didn't deepen that much, and I was very apprehensive about rinsing the guide colour off thinking that I'd be washing my tan down the drain. Very little guide colour comes off - so the colour you can see above is of one coat and I'd literally just washed the tan off. Impressive.

As you can see I would probably say that one coat equals a medium coverage and two coats would be dark. The tan is really easy to apply and doesn't go streaky. Now LDN:Skins claims to say that the tans scent is that of English Lavender, however a few people commented saying that it smelt of chocolate - not a bad thing if you ask me. One coat of this lasted a good 5 days before starting to fade, and unlike many other tans it faded evenly. Win win in my books. If you're looking for a new fake tan, I definitely would recommend LDN:Skins.

* PR Sample

Sunday Edit #73

Arghhhhhh it's me face - boom there it is. Oh last Sunday - feels like a million years ago, take me back. Best night out I've had in a very long time. You can't really tell on that photo, however I've gone for the ombre and the brown is now lighter and back to my natural hair colour. However I'll save that for a later post. As this post goes live fingers crossed I'd have gotten my arse out of bed and hopefully should either be at the gym or at spin class. I'll keep you updated on that one though. What else to report? Erm I'm now on the Bootea detox (daytime one only) which so far is working. Another short week for me, Friday and the following Monday off - woooo.

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30 August 2014

Payday Wishlist #26

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You know when you make the big mistake of going on the scales and end up jumping off quicker than the speed of light. That happened the other week and I'll be honest I was shocked at what the scales said. So out with the junk and in with the healthy eating and exercise. You will probably know by now that in order to get me into the gym I like to wear offensive printed trainers - the brighter the better. If it motivates me to exercise it's a winner in my books.

Instead of wasting money this month, I've decided to buy some new gym clothes - first up is leggings. Normally I wear Adidas leggings however I've just realised that both Nike and H+M do random printed leggings. I don't think I have the guts to wear the pair on the right, however I am really tempted to buy these snazzy tyre mark type leggings by Nike on the left. As I'm going to start running again with Jill, I need some sort of waterproof jacket and this H+M number comes in different colours (at the moment I'm verging towards the pink).

Finally you know I can't do a wishlist post without mentioning some snazzy trainers and yet again these Free Runs and Roche Runs from Nike are ticking all the boxes for me. I don't know if it's just me but the pink Free Runs print reminds me of Missoni - I think I may have to get them purely for that reason. What are your gym essentials?

I feel like I should come clean... I may be eating a small bar of chocolate as I type this... 

26 August 2014


Can you believe that on the 20th August it was the blog's fourth birthday... and cause I'm a twat I completely forgot about it until practically a week later. Anyway I'm not going to get all soppy with you, however I know I've been awol quite a bit over the last year and I want to thank each and every one of you for reading posts, following me and allowing me to have some amazing opportunities. If I could come and give you all a big squeeze I would, but you might get scared and slap me with a restraining order. Anyway lets see what the next year brings... maybe a new handbag? Wishful thinking now that I've got the house eh? Haha.

25 August 2014

Dr Lewinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener Programme

Dr Lewinn's Renunail Nail Strengthener

Hands up before starting this post - I think the above set is actually exclusive to duty free. So unless your thousands of feet in the air, I don't think you're going to be able to get your hands on the kit (Edit - you can get this from their website). However you can buy these separately and to be honest there's only one product out the three I'd say spend your money on. A bit of background about me and my nails - my nails used to grow like wildfire, long and strong. However starting to work in the Co-op from the age of 16 my nails were ruined, 13 years later and they're finally in some sort of decent condition.

My problem with my nails is not the fact that they take ages to grow, but the fact that they constantly split. I cut them down and then they magically manage to split. I've tried numerous nail growth products from Sally Hansen, to Mavala to OPI Nail Envy and yes they may work temporarily, as soon as I stop using them my nails are back to square one. I've seen quite a lot of reviews about the Renunail Nail Strengthener and every single one was raving about this product. Does it live up to the hype? Oh yes!!

Normally I do this Sunday-Saturday and start on the Sunday by painting two coats and then another coat every day. The instructions say every other day, but due to the state of my nails I prefer to paint everyday. You repeat this process for three weeks and then have a two week rest. Personally I normally ignore the latter step and paint my nails with the clear (but not reapply every day). Since using this, my nails are much stronger and haven't been splitting as much as they used too and its all down to this product. Even through all my illness and uni stress, its had no impact on my nails at all.

The programme recommends you use the cuticle oil in conjunction with the nail polish to stimulate growth, however I prefer to use my OPI Avoplex (review here) instead. Once you've completed the programme you can then use the nude nail polish like a regular polish. However don't be fooled by the pinky nudeness in the bottle - its basically another clear nail polish which on my makes my nails look dirty. I've since passed this over to mother dearest who is also raving about the effect that its had on her nails (her nails don't grow very fast). 

All in all I would highly recommend this strengthener as even though I'm not using this at the moment my nails are still in really good condition. Plus look at the size of the bottle - that's supersized nail polish right there - think of the value for money. Have you tried this range?