23 July 2014

The Patty and Bun Experience

Patty and Bun, 54 James Street, London

Top of the list for mine and Tor's trip to London was a visit to Patty and Bun - Tor has raved on about this after visiting on a previous work trip. Now I'd previously been warned that there would be a queue to get in, however as it was a warm night, we didn't mind the 20 minute wait. I didn't get any photos inside of the decor, however it's very small and cosy (and dark).

Service was quick, and what I love about here is the fact that the menu is quite concise -six main burgers and then the options for specials. I chose the "Ari Gold" cheeseburger and oh em gee, quite frankly the best burger I've had. The chips with rosemary salt were gorgeous too. I feel like going here has been a bit of a blogger right of passage - first up Byron, then Patty and Bun, and finally Five Guys. I'm ending today's post now as it appears there's a puddle of drool on my desk and my stomach is rumbling.     

21 July 2014


Tee - Asos // Trousers - Zara (now in the sale instore) //  Sandals - Primark // Bag - Chanel XL Jumbo // Sunglasses - RayBan Wayfarers

The only time I can abide the heat is when I'm lying by the pool, I can't cope with it, especially when in central London. Also could I look any more uncomfortable, seriously I am hating this photo. However it's making good gym motivation (every cloud has a silver lining). I honestly don't know how you fashion bloggers do it, I just feel awkward haha. 

Anyway this was my outfit for IMATS - ideally I wanted something as cool and possible and this is what I brought with me. You know how obsessed I am with patterned trousers from Zara and I'm loving the contrast between the white and the aqua. As per usual with every pair of trousers I buy from Zara they end up in the sale a week or so later and these are no exception. They're sold out online, but you might be able to find some in store. Are you a fan of patterned trousers?

20 July 2014

Sunday Edit #67

Why I shouldn't be allowed to drink // Obsessed with the Kim Kardashian game (who isn't) // Steph loving the loom bands (Mucka not so much) // Noodles // Early finish from work means one thing

If anyone could tell me where exactly the last week has gone to, I'd be extremely grateful. Car drama has continued for most of the week, however I've put a deposit down on a new (used) car. That's all I really have to report this week if I'm honest with you. Erm... doo da dee, dooo be doooooo, faaaaa la la la laaaaaaaaa. Ok I'm ending this here - BYE!!

Posts you may have missed on this unproductive week on here (soz) - IMATS London photo diary // A new MAC eye shadow staple.

17 July 2014

IMATS London 2014

Another IMATS has been and gone and it honestly feels like an eternity ago. I managed to restrain myself when it came to the spending (for once) and only picked a few things up. Honestly I couldn't believe how busy it was, considering myself and Tor arrived just before 9. The only stand we wanted to desperately check out was Nars and honestly it was like a cattle market which ended up with me having to pass things to Tor for her to swatch. Anyway as always the day was amazing and I'll let the photos do the talking - roll on next year. There's more photos on my Facebook page if you want to go and check them out (and like my page hint hint).

14 July 2014

MAC Arena Eye Shadow


Trying to get my hands on MAC's Melon pigment in the travel sized version online has been nothing but a pain in the backside. Always sold out, like clockwork - log onto the MAC site, sold out. Being the sensible individual which I am (yeah right), I'd decided to try the travel sized version instead of buying the full sized version. Anyway to cut a long story short, a quick chat online with one of their advisers, they suggested that Arena was a similar colour to Melon but in pan form.

As I don't have Melon I can't compare the two together, nor comment as to whether it’s a dupe. What I can say is that Arena is a soft gold-peach shade which apparently has a pearl finish. If I'm honest with you the pearl finish doesn’t come through once applied and to me it looks quite matte (not that I’m complaining). Personally I prefer a matte finish if I’m wearing eyeliner and if I just want a wash of colour. It’s worth noting that in the pan this looks much darker than how it transfers once applied. However the colour is buildable.

To be honest if I had swatched Melon and Arena in store instead of ordering blind, I probably wouldn’t have bought this – however it has been my go to eye shadow base as I’m rationing my usual base of All That Glitters. Are you a fan of Arena?