23 October 2014

Getting the Right Watch for His Wrist...

You’re looking for the ultimate present for your man. You know it has to be high end because he takes no prisoners when it comes to fashion, but beyond that you’re stuck. So how do you ensure it’s absolutely perfect on his wrist?

Quartz/Self Winding
While battery operated watches can be very accurate and convenient, a self-winding mechanism is what you’ll find in the very best Swiss made watches. Simply wearing the watch is often movement enough to keep it wound but a few flicks of his wrist will top it up, if necessary.

Is Swiss Best?
Watches made in many other countries could possibly keep excellent time and might even last a few years but it’s a bit like having a nice watercolour you’re aunty painted, instead of a Turner. Both paintings will hang on the wall, but there the similarity ends. True Swiss craftsmanship is handed down through generations. Each watch is assembled meticulously and with care. It is an heirloom to be handed down and the value should only increase.

If he’s always attending black-tie functions, then perhaps a dress watch would fit the bill. Whereas some might think an evening watch equals large, gold and blingy, those with a keen sense of style know that understated is always best. Opt for a subtle (no larger than 40mm) but superbly styled watch (platinum or white gold) with a sleek leather, crocodile or ostrich strap. One such watch is the Cartier Tank, which first appeared in 1922 and has graced the wrists of Cary Grant and JFK. Some say it was one of the first true dress watches and is no less popular today. There are five models to choose from.

One of the safest options, as it can move seamlessly from day to night, would be a complication, which simply means it does more than tell the time. Complications may have a calendar or chronograph, and the more complications, the more difficult it is to build. You can choose from all the prestigious brands, but if you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece, then it’s got to be a Patek Phillippe. To celebrate their 175th anniversary, they’ve brought out a limited edition range, topped by the showstopper Grandmaster Chime, with a amazing twenty complications. Which man wouldn’t love to wear one?     

Buying a vintage Swiss watch is generally a good investment. They hold their value well and totally fit in with today’s fashions. Interestingly, it’s not always the precious metal watches that are worth the most. The rarer models produced for the armed forces before WWII are highly sought after.

Choosing a watch for someone else is never easy as you must consider style and purpose. The one area where there are no variables is quality. It always pays.

* Guest Post by Millie Hope

20 October 2014

Lush The Comforter


When it comes to Lush bath/shower products, I'm fiercely loyal to the same products... Creamy Candy, Yuzu and Cocoa (or Homer’s bum as I call it), Candy Mountain and Snow Fairy. You can probably see a theme running with what type of scents I like. Anyway following an impromptu trip to Lush a few weeks ago I picked up The Comforter on a whim and I can't believe how long it's taken me to buy this.

First off - it's huge and I mean huge as in five bath's worth of product for less than a fiver. I'm not going to tell you how to use this, cause it’s not rocket science, however this turns your bath a lovely shade of pink with masses of bubbles. This happens for each bath - so don't be thinking that the more product you use, the more epic the bath, no you'll just end up getting through the bar quicker. 

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know I'm rubbish at describing scents however let’s give it a go. The Comforter has to be at the other end of the spectrum compared to the above Lush products – this is more fruiter and you can definitely smell the blackcurrant with a hint of cherry thrown in there too. All in all if you haven’t tried this, you need too. Even though Candy Mountain and Snow Fairy are back in store (hurrah) I’ll definitely be picking another one of these up again. Are you a fan of the Comforter?

12 October 2014

Sunday Edit #76

You know I've sat and tried to start this post for the last hour and yet I still can't be bothered to type. Yet all day, I've said that I'll sit and blog tonight, is it happening nope. Obviously you'll be aware there's been an absence of posts over the last few weeks and there's not much of an explanation as to why. I've been working longer hours at work to catch up with work and then on a night the only time I'm going on my laptop is to do FABB things (two weeks today people).

Obviously a massive change is that Judith has gone back to New Zealand for good - I'm not going into details on here as to why she has moved back, however I'm just gutted she's gone with LB. She's said that the only time she'll step back into this country is if I get married.... exactly haha. Anyway I have been wanting to blog, I've got lists/photos all sorted, its just the motivation to get it done. Also if you follow me on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) you will know that I've well and truly gotten the health kick again. I'll save all that for another post, but I'm back to going to the gym 4-5 times a week and I'm really enjoying it.

I'm not going to promise saying posts will be back to normal next week, cause if I'm honest I'll see how I feel. Finally... how good is Take That's new song... amazing!!

5 October 2014

Payday Wishlist #27

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1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Isn't it great how blogger publishes your posts on time... practically a week later I've just realised this didn't go live on Wednesday. Anyway back to the point of this post - payday wishlist. If anyone can let me know where September has gone too, please let me know - time is passing too quickly. Anyway if I'm honest with you I haven't really done any online browsing - purely due to the fact that I've had no time. 

However I have finally been able to get my hands on the Finders Keepers Eclipse Bomber Jacket from Zalando for less than half price. I'll be honest Zalando isn't a place I would instantly go to online however after spending a good 45 minutes browsing the site I ended up with a list as long as my arm of things I want. Also a little tip for you - go and have a look at their sale section, amazing discounts.While we're on the subject of jackets, it's also that time of year to start thinking about winter jackets, as I'm moving offices to further down the corridor I know that come winter its going to be freezing. I've had my eye on this Topshop parka since spying it in their A/W campaign and the huge hood can be a good deterrent in the office to stop people from speaking to me - think Kenny from South Park.

The fedora hat from ASOS is a bit of a random choice for me, purely because I have the worlds largest head and I know this won't fit me. Apparently H+M do sizes now for their hats, so you never know it may just fit. Do I really need more patterned trousers and make up brushes? Zara and Real Techniques why do you do it to me... However as I'm starting another job very soon, my excessive spending habits can resume, not going to lie I can't wait!! What have you been lusting after this month (that sounds a bit odd doesn't it)?

2 October 2014

Putting a Ring On It...

Round Cut 0.45 Carat Blue Sapphire Side Stone Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold - £1,537 // Round Cut 0.83 Carat Side Stones Engagement Ring in Platinum - £2,297 // Princess Cut 0.35 Carat DVVS1 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring - £1,167 // Round Cut 0.29 Carat DVVS1 18k Diamond Engagement Ring - £1,028 // Bespoke Marquise cut 18k White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring - £798 all Vashi

Deciding on an engagement ring that fits your style and personality not to mention the one that will have you gleaming from years to come is definitely not an easy choice to make. Whilst the discovery to finding the right one may be an overwhelming experience, feel rest assured with celebrity jeweller and founder of Vashi.com, Vashi Dominguez’s top tips on choosing the right engagement ring for you.

Vashi’s Top Five Tips
1. Style
The good thing about style is that it’s down to personal choice and there is no wrong or right way to reflect this in your engagement ring. A fundamental tip to consider when deciding on the style of your ring is whether you want a more traditional or trend led ring. Coloured stones are hugely popular and very fashionable engagement rings worn by many celebrities from the likes of Kate Middleton, Halle Berry and J-Lo. These adventurous styled rings make stunning and beautiful statement pieces, however if your personality suits a more traditional stance, white bold diamonds are definitely the choice for you.

2. Shape
Trying to eliminate from over 10 different diamond shapes to the perfect one, maybe the most difficult part in the selection process. Round and Emerald cut engagement rings have long been the favourites amongst many women wanting to walk down the aisle. Try on a few different shapes and have fun trying to untangle the cut that suits you best.

3. Sizing
Here’s a little secret in making a huge saving when buying a diamond engagement ring. It is important that you’re fully aware on the diamond magic carat weights. These are the under-size diamonds that weigh just below a carat weight such as 1/2ct, 3/4ct, 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct etc. Purchasing a 0.95 carat diamond instead of a 1 carat could offer a great saving of up to 30% with little ‘visual’ difference between the two.

4. Comfort
If goes without saying that a huge glittery diamond will look fantastic on a delicate finger, however when choosing a ring for you, you must take into consideration your day to day activity. An active lifestyle or profession that requires excessive use of your hands will require a robust and secure engagement ring that doesn’t scratch easily. Rings that encompass gemstones are at a greater risk of being impaired in scenarios like this. If you’re not content with the idea of regularly removing your engagement ring, you may wish to choose a plain band with a beautiful diamond centre stone. 

5. Bespoke design
If you still haven’t found a pre-set engagement ring for you, why not create your own. A bespoke service allows you to purchase loose diamonds and create with your jeweller the perfect ring for you, suiting all your needs. The four Cs method for diamond grading (cut, clarity, colour and carat weight) is the perfect tool to help you with your selection process. There’s a quick breakdown on the four diamond grading.

Cut - Looks at the reflective qualities of the diamond. A well-cut diamond will allow light in and release a better sparkle.
Clarity - Refers to the amount of small imperfections within a diamond. The clearer the diamond the better.
Colour - The white (colourless) the diamond the better the quality and sparkle.
Carat weight - Explores the unit of weight in which the diamond is measured. The higher the carat weight, the bigger and more valuable the diamond.