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28 January 2015

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm


Over the last few weeks I've really started to shake up my skincare routine in order to find the products which have the best effects on my skin. You may have seen Neal's Yards Wild Rose Beauty Balm mentioned in my New and Old Skincare Saviours post (link) which I received as a prize at the Neal's Yard Blogger Event in Newcastle last year (link). If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know how much I love multi purpose beauty products and since writing this post, I have realised that this product can be used for many other things apart from a cleansing balm.

First up and more importantly is that this is really good to remove stubborn eye make up (i.e 20 layers of mascara - slight exaggeration there). Melt a tiny bit between your fingers and rub over your eye area. As the products are 99.9% organic and are accredited as organic, you know that this will do no damage or be harsh on your skin. 

Another good way to use this is as a face mask - put a thin layer of this on before going to sleep and then the next morning your skin will look fuller and more brightened (anything which gives me this effect on a morning is a winner with me). If I'm honest with you when I opened this I was expecting the product to look more like Botanics or Clinique's cleansing balms, but instead it reminds me of vaseline (before you put your fingers in it) or vicks. 

If you have been a regular reader of the blog you will know that I'm not a fan of rose scented products, however with this Beauty Balm you do slightly smell the rose, however for me I believe it has more of a herbal scent which isn't a bad thing. The price for me does seem very expensive, however I've been using this regularly and I'm yet to make any dent in this - a little does go a very long way which is excellent value for money. However I think Neal's Yard should do this in a smaller version - hint hint. However if you are on the look out for a multi purpose Beauty Balm and money is no object I'd definitely recommend trying this out next time you're out shopping.

26 January 2015

What To Wear For A Job Interview

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One of my New Years Resolutions was to get a new job - next week I start my new temporary post, nothing like achieving a Resolution early. For me the worst thing about the whole job interview process is the interview itself and what to wear. Do you go over dressed so everyone in the office knows what you're up to, or do you go under dressed and risk giving the interview panel the wrong impression. Today's post focuses on how you can find the perfect outfit for your next job interview.

Match the Company
If you're interviewing for a business that has a formal dress code, adhere to this. But the same goes for a company where employees wear casual outfits. You don't want to turn up to an interview wearing inappropriate clothing, as you will be left feeling self conscious and won't perform to the best of your abilities in the interview. Dress to impress but style your outfit accordingly.

The Formal Interview
For a company that operates with a formal dress code, aim to wear an outfit that is dressier than standard office wear. The perfect formal interview wear for both men and women is a suit. The most important thing about a suit is that it is well pressed, clean and fits perfectly. Make sure there are no stray pet hairs and that your suit doesn't hang from, or strain around, your frame.

Men and women, choose a suit in a dark colour. Grey, navy or black work equally well for an interview. Stay away from fashionable patterned or shiny suits, unless you're applying for a job in a fashion role. Team with a crisp white shirt and oxford shoes for men, or a blouse and simple heels for women. Make sure to be careful when accessorising. Choose simple and elegant jewellery or a classic watch.

When you have an interview and you're told its business casual, deciding what to wear can be a little confusing. But business casual should not be confused with everyday wear. Things you should not wear to an interview include: trainers, jeans, t-shirts or a short skirt. Mix and match casual items with more formal pieces. For example, women can wear fitted trousers with a blouse and a fitted cardigan, or a long sleeved plain skater dress with tights and brogues or formal pumps. For men, choose chino style trousers with a shirt and boat shoes.

Be Weather Appropriate
Interviews are difficult enough without adding physical discomfort to the mix. While it is impossible to tell how well air conditioned or heated your destination will be, it is a good idea to dress appropriately for the season to avoid being sweaty and uncomfortable or distracted by goose bumps and feeling cold. When you dress for an interview, think about the impression you want to make. Make sure clothes are clean, fit well, are wrinkle free and make you feel confident. Research the company and dress accordingly. But most importantly, good luck!

* Guest content provided by Amellia Hope 

20 January 2015

Pump Audio Headphones


It's time to get back into the fitness game, after seriously lacking all motivation throughout the back end of December, its time to step my game back up. Two weeks of spin class has been upped to double spin at weekends and gym sessions are happening on a Thursday and a Friday with a cheeky lunchtime session thrown in for good measure. Over the last few weeks I've been trialing Pump Audio Headphones which have been specially designed to be suitable for exercising (as well as listening to music the rest of the time).

These headphones are very different to your normal run of the mill headphones as they completely enhance your listening experience (check me out - how professional does that sound). The headphones themselves are more of an ear bud and as I have many random ear piercings I was very worried that this would agitate them. No discomfort what so ever and no falling out and getting caught in the machines.

My only concern with these is the colour - completely fine for in the gym, however for those who are safety conscious when out and about, obviously these are very noticeable. Not to worry though as you can get these in black which aren't as obvious. Also it worth noting that these are compatible with all MP3 and mobile phones. If you're looking for a present for your better half - remember Valentines day is coming up, I'd recommend these.

19 January 2015

New (and Old) Skin Care Saviours

One of the best things about the new Ikea storage in my third bedroom is that I now have no excuses to get all my makeup and skincare organised. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got two drawers completed sorted – the fake tan drawer and the sample/mini drawer. All my makeup has been separated, ready to sort out. However come to skin and haircare and that’s a whole different ball game. Considering I thought I owned hardly no skin care, oh how wrong was I. However every cloud has a silver lining and in order to try and establish a proper skincare routine, I have managed to rediscover some old products and finally try some new products which I completely forgot I had.

If you recall I attended a Neal’s Yard event in Newcastle late last year and won a giveaway at the event – one of the items I received was their Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£37). This is the first time I’ve ever used a balm cleanser and I have to admit that I’m sold on the concept. Normally I use this to cleanse after I’ve been to the gym. After indulging far too much sugar over Christmas, my skin has been nothing short of a nightmare and this has really helped in cleaning my skin up. I’ve got a full review on this coming soon, however it’s well worth the price tag.

Moving onto my daily moisturiser, I’ve been reaching for Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23) and I can totally see what the hype is about this. I find that it easily absorbs into my skin and I love the citrus scent. Personally I think it’s something to do with the formula of the cream – half cream/half liquid hybrid (unless I have an off one). Regardless my skin has been loving this and I’m tempted to try the eye cream version of this.

Finally two rediscoveries - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (£82 for 75ml) and Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (£22) both of which have become staples in my evening skin routine. First up is the Advanced Night Repair Serum, which I know quite a few bloggers are on the fence about. However I have to admit that I’m one of them – my skin feels more smooth and bright on a morning, yet when I don’t use it I can instantly tell. Is it worth the price tag? Nope – I managed to get this 100ml bottle from duty free so it was much cheaper than £82 (well £72). As much as I’m enjoying using this, I don’t think I would bother repurchasing and wouldn’t recommend.

Finally is a product I bought back in June last year while I was in London with Tor for IMATS and have only recently used it. I’ve always wanted to try Alpha H’s Liquid Gold, however for some reason I was worried I’d wake up with half my face missing (ever so slightly over exaggerated I know). Clarins version has been compared to Alpha H, yet I believe this is gentler on your skin. Normally I will use this once or twice a week after cleansing and I feel that this brightens my skin and has been keeping spots at bay. After using this, people have commented on my skin – so obviously that’s a winner in my book. I’m going to do a more in depth review of this shortly, however I’m very pleased with it and it could potentially meet the final skincare edit.

What products have you discovered recently?

13 January 2015

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Again more blogger hype which I had to buy into. You'll have seen by now that every blogger under the sun has been raving about L'Oreal's True Match Foundation and does it live up to the hype, well you'll just have to keep on reading to find out. Personally I struggle to find a drugstore foundation to match my whiter than white natural skin colour, most foundations have too much of a yellow undertone in them and instead of matching my skin colour, I look like I've got jaundice.

I think L'Oreal have been quick off the mark to realise the gap in the market for a much more wider variety of foundation shades, and out of all the high street brands I'd say this is the range which pretty much caters for near enough every skin tone. However the larger the Boots/Superdrug the more foundations they will stock (take this into consideration when looking).

Onto the foundation itself - I'm N2 (Vanilla) which seems to be a pretty good match for my skin, however as its Winter I may need to mix this with a lighter shade to be an exact match. However if in doubt I'd whack the bronzer out. The foundation is a medium coverage, however this can is buildable to a more full coverage if required. Personally I prefer to apply this with my Sigma F80 brush, over a beauty blender (well the Real Techniques one) as I find it gives a better finish.

Lasting wise this can take me through near enough a full day, however I do prefer to take any make up off as soon as I get in the house, however after 4-5 hours of wear at a time it still looks good. Personally this is the only drugstore foundation I have been fully happy with, and would happily pay the £9.99 price. If anyone can recommend some other foundations to try, please let me know.
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